Makeup Artist’s Ethics on Set By Vlada Haggerty

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As a Beauty photographer I am very dependent on Makeup artists. There’s not much I can create without their skilled help, and I love, praise and deeply appreciate the professionals I get to work with.

When wonderful things happen on set, it’s not uncommon for strictly professional relationships to expand into your every day life, turn into a friendship and fill the times between your shoots with creative ideas and inspiration.

Today I am very happy to share that my colleague and friend Vlada Haggerty has started her own blog, and I think many of you will enjoy reading her blog posts regardless of whether you’re a photographer or makeup artist.

Her very first post is about the unspoken rules that will help a Makeup Artist establish healthy working relationships with clients and photographers that will lead to repeating jobs “Makeup Artist’s Ethics On Set: How To Keep A Gig”:

Have you ever wondered why some makeup artists get hired over and over again and some only get hired once? It takes much more than just being amazing with your brushes. I hope that this post helps you improve as a professional and get more work. Read on…

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