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I love retouching.

I love Beauty photography in general, and retouching is just as an important part of the image creation for me as the preparation for the shoot and the flawless capture itself.

When I look back at what I created before, I often cringe and hope that my constant practice and determination will fuel my progress and improvement. I know for a fact that perseverance pays off and anyone can reach the results they dream of in art and life by staying focused on their goals.


Luckily, artistic goals are fun to strive for, but there’s still discipline and other elements that are important besides the actual studying and practicing. I know that from my own journey.

In this little PDF checklist I share what I believe can help anyone improve and speed up their rise to the retouching mastery in Beauty, Portrait and Fashion photography:

Better Beauty Retouching Checklist (PDF, 4.9Mb)

Beauty Retouching Workflow Checklist

A free PDF checklist for those who strive to be a better Beauty Retoucher

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  • Grey

    Link doesn’t work. 🙁

    • Julia McKim

      Hi Grey,
      Yes, thank you! I have just had to change it for the email broadcast, but it is update now on this page as well. Thank you so much for alerting me!

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