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For over a decade, I have been figuring my way as an independent creative professional, a freelancer, a beauty photographer and retouching artist in Los Angeles, CA.

Formally trained in Commercial Photography (Melbourne, Australia), I believe in the power of a strong team of professionals who share a common artistic vision within every creative project.

As a photographer, I strive for a visually balanced capture that requires minimal post-production. Through pre-production consulting, my team and I help our clients achieve the best possible outcome in every project we undertake while minimizing production and post-production time and costs.

With my extensive experience in the beauty industry and deep understanding of makeup, lighting, and retouching, I also lead Avenue Retouching team, a post-production and consulting agency in the beauty ecosystem designed to assist cosmetics brands in creating visuals that capture consumer’s attention.

I am also the founder of Retouching Academy and a co-creator of all of the RA courses and retouching panels.

You are here because of my photography work, and I really hope we belong to the same category of people – those who aspire to be better human beings and creative professionals, working towards that goal every single day. If we do, please take a peek into my new blog too.

IG:  @juliakuzmenko
FB: Julia Kuzmenko | Visual Artist

Ways to learn with me


Coaching in Studio

Shoot for your portfolio in my studio, with my team. From planning and preparing for a shoot with a creative team to setting up the lights and shooting, to selecting the hero images and retouching.

(Currently unavailable)


Online Coaching

If traveling to Los Angeles or Dallas is not an option, one-on-one online coaching is a great option. We’ll review your current work, discuss your goals, craft out a plan and get to work!


My Video Courses

You may miss out on the ability to ask questions and receive my feedback, but rest assured I pour a lot of time, energy and love into each educational product that my team and I create.


Studio Location:

Master Beauty Photography
Sherman Oaks, CA

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