Ways to learn with me

You can connect with me online and offline in Los Angeles


Coaching in Studio, Los Angeles

Learn and shoot for your portfolio in my studio with my team. I will walk you by the hand from planning and preparing for a shoot with a creative team, through setting up the lights and shooting, to choosing the hero images and retouching for your portfolio. (Currently unavailable due to my busy schedule).


Beauty Retouching Coaching Online

If you don’t live in California and traveling to Los Angeles is not an option, we can do a lot together online. Learning retouching in one-on-one online sessions is definitely a much more effective way than doing it offline. We’ll review your work, discuss what it is that you need to learn and master, and take it from there. (Currently unavailable due to my busy schedule).


My Video Training & eBooks

This is the most affordable option because it does not involve my personal time with you. You might miss out on the ability to ask questions and receive my feedback, but rest assured I pour a lot of time, effort and love into each educational product that I create, so you will learn everything that I know from my ebooks and video training.


Studio location

Master Beauty Photography

Julia Kuzmenko McKim
The Visionaire Studio
Sherman Oaks, CA

Contact Me

Got an urgent question? You can email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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