MUA Retouch Panel


Work Smart, Not Hard!

The Makeup Artist Retouch UXP Panel is a Photoshop plugin designed for delicate, intuitive, campaign-level retouching and created with the Makeup Artist in mind.

Compatible with Apple Silicon / M1/M2 Apple computers

Most buttons use common makeup terms and imitate the effects of the actual makeup products so you can quickly navigate the panel’s sections and easily determine each button’s purpose.

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to be able to successfully use it – our free exclusive Photoshop Basics video course will introduce you to the software and our video tutorials will help you get to know the panel’s functions.

 Take it for a spin with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 



Who Is This Panel For?

Whether you are a professional makeup artist or simply a beauty lover looking to perfect your portfolio or social media images – the MUA Retouch panel will help you do that with professional results.


Adobe® Photoshop® CC2021 (v22.0) and later (Mac OS or Win).

* If you are a complete beginner, our short FREE Photoshop Basics video course that we created specifically for MUA Retouch panel users will get you up to speed.

What’s Included

Included in your purchase:

  • One MUA Retouch UXP license + first year of Maintenance & Support subscription;
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS;
  • Photoshop Basics video course;
  • Discounted access to available interface (UI) versions;
  • Access to video tutorials, bonus materials & RA product discounts.

The instant digital download includes:

  • Installation CCX file (Adobe Creative Cloud);
  • Additional Features installer (.jsx);
  • Additional Features, our custom Brushes.


You will also find the Video Tutorials on how to use the panel scripts on a restricted page that is only accessible by MUA Retouch panel users.

In these tutorials, while leading you through professional retouching techniques, we don’t use any terminology that will be foreign to you.

Additional Education

Enroll in our short Photoshop Basics video course created specifically for MUA Retouch panel users. You can access it free of charge via your Member Account after you purchase the panel or here.

Support & Updates

Please refer to our FAQ page for instant answers or contact our Support Team; we are always here to help if you have any issues with our panels.


With an active Maintenance subscription on our website ($29.00/yr), you will also have access to the updated RA panels installation files free of charge, every time Adobe releases new Photoshop versions.

We encourage you to hold off updating Photoshop to the latest version right away, to allow our development team to update our panels, so you don’t have to stop using our panels at any point before we release the updates.


We also make sure to announce when our panels are updated on our social media pages as well as in our Facebook community group.


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