Tyra Banks Shares a Few Great Tips for Our Models

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I couldn’t have said this better!

Tyra Banks shares 5 modeling tips, which we photographers MUST know too.

Share this with your model before your next shoot, you’ll thank Tyra later 😉

  • THE NECK: I shoot from below the model’s eye level, so I can visually elongate her neck. But that often causes the model to lean forward towards the camera and a) I no longer see that long neck b) her face loses the main light the way it was intended. So, to avoid that as soon as I notice the model leaning forward I tell her: “Work for the light, not the camera”, and she straightens up right away allowing my camera to see her long beautiful neck and the main light to illuminate her beautiful face.
  • THE NECK: I also always tell my models to lower the shoulder that is further from the camera, so I can get that “side elongation” that Tyra is talking about.
  • UGLY-PRETTY: most professional models don’t do the “pretty” tilt of the head, but it depends on what type of work they are mainly shooting. And when they do, it is my job to catch it and direct them out of it, so we can actually capture that “edgy and interesting” look. I don’t necessarily want “the ugly”, but I definitely do not want “the sweet school girl” tilt either.
  • CATALOG, COUTURE & COMMERCIAL: you better select your model right, based on the type of work she is experienced in, because it is quite difficult to get a Catalog model to give you Couture poses and facial expressions…
  • SMIZE: for me the bigger picture is AN EMOTION in the face. Unfortunately, some beginner models are convinced that having a pretty face is enough, even if it’s blank. The better your model can emote, the luckier you are and the better the results of your shoot with her will be. Try asking her to show you a specific emotion, or explaining what “character” she is portraying for you right now. Different ways of “talking” your model into an emotion or a character will work with different girls, so it’s up to you to find that special key to the model who is in front of you. Be prepared and collect your tested and working tips and tricks to pull a strong look or an emotion from your models… be very careful to not offend or upset your girls for real. At the end of the day, you are a team and your connection with your model is the most important thing from the moment she steps into the set.


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